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injection molding

Injection molding.
Normal injection molding, double-shot molding, Over molding, etc, multi technology service supporting for meet different requirements.

We providing one-stop manufacturing services for custom products from mold design, tooling, production, assembling to shipment.

Poviding the final products design, the engineer will help confirm the production feasibility review, and give some suggestions for production. Normally, the whole leading time needs 35 days for bulk production after order confirmation.

Materials: ABS, PP, PC, TPR, PA, PE, PPE, PVC, PBT, PS, SA, PET, PETG, POM, PMMA, etc.

Injection molding machines:

350T, 2 sets

320T, 1 set

250T, 3 sets

200T, 3 sets

180T, 1 set

160T, 6 sets

120T, 4 sets

60T, 1 set

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